DIY Razorback Workout Shirt


Name Brand workout clothes can be really expensive, but t-shirts aren’t always the cutest and most ventilated tops to workout in. So put some of your old t-shirts and transform them into this cute razorback workout tank! I got this idea from one of my favorite Youtubers, Blogilates.  It’s super easy to make and comfy for a run to the gym! Lets get started!


All you are going to need for this DIY is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors!4

You want to start off by making a few cuts to turn your t-shirt into a tank top. You can mark the shirt with chalk or a marker to make the sleeves even. I however just cut one sleeve and then folded the shirt in half and used one side as an outline for the other. Cutting the hem off the bottom is NOT optional, you will need this piece to make the razorback!


Next, flip the shirt onto the back and cut in towards where your shoulder blades would be.


Next take the piece that was the bottom hem of your shirt and snip it so that it is one long strand. Stretch the strand tight so that it curls up and becomes more flexible.


Next, take the strand and wrap it around the back section of your shirt, and tie it in a double knot to secure it. Then continue to wrap the strand around the back section, until you run out of material, as shown in the picture. Simply double knot it when you get to the end and cut off ant lose fabric.


You should be left with a finish product that looks like this! It looks so cute with a bright colored sports bra!