DIY Word Jars

So I am moving into my new apartment soon and I have been looking for some unique décor, and I thought these word jars would be the perfect accent to any room. I saw these bottles on Buzzfeed and they are so easy to make.
Let’s get started!
All of these supplies are super cheap and you can find them all at Hobby Lobby
So you want to start by write whatever word or phrase you want on you bottles in sharpie, this will make the next step much easer. The word jars I saw had just one word on them, I went for a quote which was a little ambitious because the next step is quite tedious.
Next, using your glue gun just trace over the sharpie. You want to make it thick, and try to avoid making strings. If you mess up don’t worry just let the glue dry and then it picks right off.
Once the glue has dried (which should only take 2-3 min) you can take them outside and spray paint them. I went for a matte white, and a metallic gold.
I love the way that they tuned out!  They make such cute décor, and you can store things inside them.  They were also so easy to make! Here is the finished product!


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