DIY Bobby Pin Necklaces


Everyone loves a good accent necklace, I saw the tutorial for these on Boat People Vintage and thought this would be a good first post because it is so easy and extremely cheap. I think over all I spent a mere $7 making these two necklaces. Compare that to the $12 I might have spent on just one of these at Forever 21.

Let’s get started!
You can use any color bobby pins you like. I opted for gold, because I thought it looked nice on the silver of the necklace ring.
Simply loop your bobby pins onto the ring like so…
Your finished product should look something like this depending on how many bobby pins you used, I used two packages because I wanted it to look really full.
You can’t mess this up, and it will definitely spice up a plain shirt.

The next one just has one extra step, but is still just as easy.

Just take your plain necklace chain, and once again loop on about 15 to 20 bobby pins.
You can paint on any design you like, the one I saw was Aztec print, but I went with a simple ombre. Place your colors from darkest to light on a piece of paper like so
You also want to put a piece of paper in between your bobby pins to hold them in place, and just sponge on the color. You can also paint it directly on, the sponge just helps to give a gradient effect.

Let dry for 30min and you’re all done!

I’m so excited to wear my new necklaces for the Summer, they are so easy to dress up or down.


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