DIY On A College Budget


Let me start by Introducing myself, my name is Lauren Hinckley. I am a Mass Communication major at Texas State University with a love for fashion and décor.  I, like most girls find myself flipping through the pages of fashion magazines, and my favorite online websites with a scowl on my face wondering who though that is was okay to charge that much. If  you too can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on, ‘the perfect necklace that would go with your new dress’, or the unique wall art piece that will complete your room, than these DIY’s will probably appeal to you.

I aim to create unique DIY projects that look like you  walked out of the store with them , but also cost a fraction of the price to make. Besides it is so much more fun creating your own things, especially when you get to tell people that you made it yourself. Don’t worry, none of these projects are going to require unattainable materials, most things you will be able to pick up at the local Hobby Lobby.

I hope you will enjoy these easy, unique DIY’s!


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