DIY Lip Scrub



During this time of the year, for whatever reason I tend to get dry skin and I have to constantly moisturize. My lips are no exception, they get dry as well, so this yummy lip scrub will help to moisturize and make your dry lips soft and kissable again. I was inspired by Brit and Co for this DIY.  This scrub is very simple and uses all edible ingredients so you don’t have to worry about accidently eating it. I use this scrub about once or twice a month just like I would use a face scrub, I find it does wonders! Lets get started!

addtext_com_MjAyODQyMjA0MzY  All You need to make this scrub are things you can find at the grocery store, and you just need a little of each!


First and about a tablespoon of honey to a bowl or container, honey is  extremely moisturizing and soothing, so it helps to sooth dryness


Next add about the same amount of olive oil, the oil is hydrating and will help to make your lips soft and kissable


Last add enough sugar to give you a thick grainy consistency. The sugar will act as  an exfoliator removing any dead skin


You should get something that looks like this! Just take a small amount and rub it gently over your lips for about 2-3 min.

miss lippy

They should be left hydrated and soft! Good Luck!




I am always scouring the internet to find the best DIY projects to decorate my home, make snacks and up- cycle old clothes.  It is always hit or miss, but mostly miss. However I have grown to love some and check their accounts for updates religiously. So without further adieu here are my top five all time favorite DIY accounts that you must check out! Click the link below for my Storify list! (3) copy


DIY Razorback Workout Shirt


Name Brand workout clothes can be really expensive, but t-shirts aren’t always the cutest and most ventilated tops to workout in. So put some of your old t-shirts and transform them into this cute razorback workout tank! I got this idea from one of my favorite Youtubers, Blogilates.  It’s super easy to make and comfy for a run to the gym! Lets get started!


All you are going to need for this DIY is an old t-shirt and a pair of scissors!4

You want to start off by making a few cuts to turn your t-shirt into a tank top. You can mark the shirt with chalk or a marker to make the sleeves even. I however just cut one sleeve and then folded the shirt in half and used one side as an outline for the other. Cutting the hem off the bottom is NOT optional, you will need this piece to make the razorback!


Next, flip the shirt onto the back and cut in towards where your shoulder blades would be.


Next take the piece that was the bottom hem of your shirt and snip it so that it is one long strand. Stretch the strand tight so that it curls up and becomes more flexible.


Next, take the strand and wrap it around the back section of your shirt, and tie it in a double knot to secure it. Then continue to wrap the strand around the back section, until you run out of material, as shown in the picture. Simply double knot it when you get to the end and cut off ant lose fabric.


You should be left with a finish product that looks like this! It looks so cute with a bright colored sports bra!



Indroducing the Stylecrafty App!


So, I have just constructed an app using  ibuildapp specifically for DIY projects! It is always such a time consuming task for me to look through every form of social media to find new DIY’s to do, this app is designed to make that much easier.

There are four different categories splitting up the different types of DIY’s that you can try! These tabs will not only take you directly to the DIY’s of that category that I have done myself but will also provide you with links to all my favorite DIY video, blogs and pictures that others have created.

There is also a latest tab where you can see a list if DIY’s that I will be putting up on my blog soon, as well as other recent projects tutorials by other bloggers .

However, I wanted to incorporate all of my viewers/ subscribers as well, so underneath the picture tab you can upload pictures of the DIY’s you attempted that you found in this app! I would love to see how all of yours turned out!

Avocado Facemask DIY

I saw the recipie for this yummy facemask on Anasanaturals blog, it is so easy to make and cost me about $6. If you’re trying to reverse the effects of the winter weather on your skin than this mask will help greatly. The Greek yogurt used will rehydrate dry skin and leave it smooth, as well as honey which will helps to absorb impurities form your pores.  Avocado is rich in vitamins, and anti bacterial properties.  This mask left my skin hydrated and silky smooth.
Let’s get started!
You can find all the ingredients at the grocery store. I would suggest using local produced honey, and an organic avocado.
First, cut your avocado in half and scoop out the contents of one side, place in mixing bowl, and mash up
face mask 6
Next, add a tablespoon of honey
Lastly add a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt!
Mix it all up, and you should get something that looks like this! It smells delicious, and you could actually spread it on a cracker and eat it if you wanted, yum!
Apply to face at room temperature and let sit for 15 to 20 minutes. If you have cucumbers you can place those on your eyes, not just for show, cucumber reduces puffiness under eyes.
Enjoy your new hydrated, dewy summer skin!

DIY Word Jars

So I am moving into my new apartment soon and I have been looking for some unique décor, and I thought these word jars would be the perfect accent to any room. I saw these bottles on Buzzfeed and they are so easy to make.
Let’s get started!
All of these supplies are super cheap and you can find them all at Hobby Lobby
So you want to start by write whatever word or phrase you want on you bottles in sharpie, this will make the next step much easer. The word jars I saw had just one word on them, I went for a quote which was a little ambitious because the next step is quite tedious.
Next, using your glue gun just trace over the sharpie. You want to make it thick, and try to avoid making strings. If you mess up don’t worry just let the glue dry and then it picks right off.
Once the glue has dried (which should only take 2-3 min) you can take them outside and spray paint them. I went for a matte white, and a metallic gold.
I love the way that they tuned out!  They make such cute décor, and you can store things inside them.  They were also so easy to make! Here is the finished product!

DIY Bobby Pin Necklaces


Everyone loves a good accent necklace, I saw the tutorial for these on Boat People Vintage and thought this would be a good first post because it is so easy and extremely cheap. I think over all I spent a mere $7 making these two necklaces. Compare that to the $12 I might have spent on just one of these at Forever 21.

Let’s get started!
You can use any color bobby pins you like. I opted for gold, because I thought it looked nice on the silver of the necklace ring.
Simply loop your bobby pins onto the ring like so…
Your finished product should look something like this depending on how many bobby pins you used, I used two packages because I wanted it to look really full.
You can’t mess this up, and it will definitely spice up a plain shirt.

The next one just has one extra step, but is still just as easy.

Just take your plain necklace chain, and once again loop on about 15 to 20 bobby pins.
You can paint on any design you like, the one I saw was Aztec print, but I went with a simple ombre. Place your colors from darkest to light on a piece of paper like so
You also want to put a piece of paper in between your bobby pins to hold them in place, and just sponge on the color. You can also paint it directly on, the sponge just helps to give a gradient effect.

Let dry for 30min and you’re all done!

I’m so excited to wear my new necklaces for the Summer, they are so easy to dress up or down.

DIY On A College Budget


Let me start by Introducing myself, my name is Lauren Hinckley. I am a Mass Communication major at Texas State University with a love for fashion and décor.  I, like most girls find myself flipping through the pages of fashion magazines, and my favorite online websites with a scowl on my face wondering who though that is was okay to charge that much. If  you too can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg on, ‘the perfect necklace that would go with your new dress’, or the unique wall art piece that will complete your room, than these DIY’s will probably appeal to you.

I aim to create unique DIY projects that look like you  walked out of the store with them , but also cost a fraction of the price to make. Besides it is so much more fun creating your own things, especially when you get to tell people that you made it yourself. Don’t worry, none of these projects are going to require unattainable materials, most things you will be able to pick up at the local Hobby Lobby.

I hope you will enjoy these easy, unique DIY’s!